Premium Suite

14,999.00 / Day

Indulge in luxury at Hotel Sierra, Kodaikanal, with our Premium Suite. This expansive 5 BHK retreat features room heaters, campfire evenings, WiFi, TV entertainment, two single-seater sofas, and complimentary breakfast for a lavish stay.


Experience opulence in our Premium Suite at Hotel Sierra, Kodaikanal. This spacious 5 BHK haven is adorned with room heaters, ensuring a cozy ambiance. Gather your loved ones for campfire evenings under the stars, stay connected with WiFi, and unwind with TV entertainment. Relax on two single-seater sofas, creating a perfect space for shared moments. Wake up to the aroma of a complimentary breakfast, capturing the essence of Kodaikanal’s culinary treasures. The Premium Suite is designed to offer a grand retreat, where every detail contributes to a truly lavish and memorable stay.


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