Honey Moon Suite

9,999.00 / Day

Ignite romance in our Honeymoon Rooms at Hotel Sierra, Kodaikanal. Revel in floor and room decoration, a mesmerizing campfire, WiFi, TV entertainment, two single-seater sofas, and complimentary meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Craft unforgettable memories on your special getaway.


Celebrate love in our enchanting Honeymoon Rooms, featuring exquisite floor and room decorations, a campfire under the stars, and exclusive perks like high-speed WiFi and TV entertainment. Relax in the comfort of two single-seater sofas and indulge in complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner—capturing the flavors of Kodaikanal’s finest. Designed for romance, our Honeymoon Rooms offer the epitome of luxury at Hotel Sierra.


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